Our Mission Statement
The Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs strives to develop young men into successful athletes and leaders with character and a passion for excellence, both on the Gridiron and in life, by focusing on five core principles:  competition, individual development, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect, and leadership.

COMPETITION. We will provide the opportunity for players to compete at the highest levels of Football.

Competition is the fuel that drives athletes and sports, but "competing" is not a one dimensional concept. Being competitive means winning football games, but also means giving maximum effort while applying the skills and knowledge taught by the coaches and drilled in practice. Win/loss records and individual and team statistics are the yardstick by which individual and team progress are measured and are critical to the competitive experience but their importance must be balanced with other objectives, such as individual development and respect for the game.

INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT. We will develop individual football skills and knowledge and enable each player to reach their full athletic potential.

We seek to develop players physically, technically, mentally, and emotionally. We emphasize teaching not only proper mechanics, but the mindset and even keel necessary to succeed in a game like football where patience and perseverance often prevail over passion. No two players are alike and our coaches tailor their coaching to suit each player’s natural ability and skill set. As players get older, an increasing focus is given on identifying positions that match a player's skills and abilities to enable the player to receive position-specific coaching necessary to play at this level or beyond. We often utilize external resources to bring specialized knowledge to bear when appropriate.

TEAMWORK. We will stress the importance of teamwork and build strong, lasting bonds among teammates--We win and lose as a team.
Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision and to direct individual accomplishments toward team goals and objectives. That individual achievement is always subordinate to achievement of team goals and is a fundamental tenet of team sports; a tenet that is uniquely reinforced by football in its recognition of the "sacrifice."  Teamwork remains a core fundamental for every successful team and is the baseline for all planning and preparation. We strive to teach teamwork in all elements of the game and stress that each player on the team and each position on the gridiron have a role in achieving team success.  But teamwork is not just about execution--part of teamwork is supporting your teammates and picking them up when they have an off day or make a mistake.  We fundamentally believe that players only reach their full potential when teammates are both well-drilled in their roles and skills and are encouraging and supporting of each other.

SPORTSMANSHIP AND RESPECT. We will build character, honor good sportsmanship, and teach respect for the game of football, coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and family.
Sportsmanship and respect are at the center of all of our football-related activities. The Rocky Mountain Prep programs believes in playing the game of football with the right attitude and appreciation for the elements of the game. We believe in playing the game hard and aggressively while never compromising our principles for the sake of winning. Poor sportsmanship by players, coaches, or parents will not be tolerated. It is a privilege to wear the Rocky Mountain Prep uniforms and compete at the highest level. Our actions represent not only our teammates, coaches, and parents, but all of our surrounding community. We always respect our team and teammates, respect the other team, respect the umpires and respect the game of football.

LEADERSHIP. We will develop young athletes into leaders on their team and in their community.
Leadership is the ability to influence and motivate others to accomplish the mission.  We believe in instilling qualities in our players that help them succeed not only on the ball field, but in their community.  We choose to lead by example and never allow the intensity of the game diminish that standard.  Leadership is closely tied to sportsmanship and respect—respecting and acknowledging the contributions, skills, and accomplishments that each person brings to the table motivates them to push themselves even further.  Building character and leadership traits in our players not only maximizes our success on the field but in life, long after our playing days are over.