What is Post Grad?

The Rocky Mountain Prep Conference Post Grad programs are academic support programs that assists young student athletes in need of additional tutorial support. These prospective students have graduated from High School but lack the qualifications needed to obtain a Division I or overall athletic scholarship. Rocky Mountain Prep Conference Post Grad program is not a repeat of a senior year in high school, but more of a transitional program that works to instill structure into a young students’ routine, to improve grades and test scores while providing an extra year of athletic development.

Rocky Mountain Prep Conference will allow students the opportunity to become more physically, mentally and academically prepared for college without losing any of their 4 years of college eligibility. Students are given the opportunity to polish their skills while increasing their marketing ability which provides a second chance to be seen by colleges and coaches around the country.


The Value of Post Grad:

Students enrolled at a Rocky Mountain Prep Conference program are not only are given the opportunity to increase their academic position but athletically students are eligible to compete against NCAA junior varsity teams, Prep Schools and other College Programs.  This allows maximum exposure to major college programs to recruit students enrolled at any of our programs. Colleges throughout the country fully recognize the value of students who have attended a post grad program because of the level of maturity that athletes obtain.


Rocky Mountain Prep Conference Programs Benefits

* Preserve college eligibility

* Gain valuable college exposure

* Play college game schedule

* Develop as a player mentally & physically

* Mature into a young adult

* Train for success

* Capitalize on a second chance opportunity

* Develop SAT/ACT Test Prep Skills

* Earn NCAA approved transferable college credits


How Will Taking a Post-Graduate Year Affect My NCAA Eligibility?

The NCAA allows athletes in all sports, except for tennis and hockey, a one-year grace-period after they graduate high school. After the one-year period the NCAA can start taking away years of eligibility. The NCAA grants you five years in which you can compete during four of them. The fifth year, called a red-shirt year, allows athletes to take a season off for many different reasons, but still allows them to play for four full years. If you are planning on not attending college the year directly after you graduate high school, a post-graduate year is a great choice. It won’t affect your eligibility, and you can still compete at a high level while continuing to take classes and build your academic profile. It can be difficult to get recruited to play in college if you take a year off from serious athletic competition; you can buy yourself some extra time by choosing the Rocky Mountain Prep Conference post graduate route.