Position Coach (RMPC) Job Description:

Hiring for the following Position Coaches for each Location Team(s): 

Arizona Idaho Utah
  • Phoenix, AZ Area
  • Boise, ID Area
  • Idaho Falls, ID Area
  • Logan, UT Area
  • Ogden,UT Area
  • Provo,UT Area
  • Northern SLC Area
  • South SLC Area
  • St. George Area, UT
Colorado Nevada
  • Grand Junction, CO Area
  • Las Vegas Area

● DD
● LB
● RB


Job Announcement:

Rocky Mountain Prep Conference Position Coaches must have knowledge and the ‘love of the game’ of football. Must have leadership and motivational skills. Must have coaching football experience at least the high school level. The RMPC Position Coach will assist in scheduling and leading team practices. Must assist in pre-season tryouts, matchups and identify areas to improve. Position Coaches will collaborate with the Head Coach and will assist with team logistics for recruitments,tryouts, practices, travel.

All Position Coaches will be required to attend all company training primarily via zoom , unless otherwise directed by the GM/SID or Commissioner office. Must have a positive attitude and ability to problem solve and implement conflict resolution.


Qualification: College degree preferred and/or Equivalent of Lifetime Experience of Coaching/Playing Football


Key Skills Set: Know and Love the game of Football, Familiar with NCAA, High School policy and rules


Position Start Date: September 2022 thru December 2023


Skills required: Must be able to use and manage CRM, Adobe, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, Excel, email, excellent  communication


All Applicants will be required to meet the following Coaching Criteria:
● Undergo and Pass Background Check
● Complete Certified CPR Training (update as required)
● Complete Certified First Aid (update as required)
● Complete Concussion Training (update as required)


General Duties included but not limited to:

● Will be supported and partner and collaborate with the GM/SID, and be advised by the Assistant Commissioner, you will communicate the day to day needs of the organization,support staff, players, host families, game,all things .
● Will assist in “Friday Night Lights” scouting for graduating high school prospects by attending games, reviewing social media handles etc...
● Will work with the Academic Advisor for student success and transfer eligibility in accordance to NCAA, NCIA, policies
● Be able to communicate both verbally and written with all stakeholders
● Manage and collaborate with teams support staff Athletic Trainers, Nutritionist, Doctor/Physician Assistant...
● Perform other duties as assigned


Social Media:

● Review Historical Outlook/Stats for teams & players
● Be available for interviews for organization
● Prepare and discuss with team for possible media coverage by local news or other media outlets



● Support student athletes; on track and maintain transfer status in accordance to NCAA,NCIA rules and the specificity dictated by the students intended College/University, Technical or Trade School.
● Always support the GM/SID in maintaining players academic goals and eligibility transitional


We seek to recruit and retain diverse and ambitious interns & staff who take initiative, possess values and career aspirations aligned with the mission and vision, and are inspired to build a premier open, inclusive, comprehensive, program/organization. Rocky Mountain Prep Conference is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action organization; the Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner  are fully committed to Affirmative Action and within its programs and activities, including in admissions and employment. Rocky Mount Prep Conference, does not discriminate or tolerate discrimination, including harassment, based on race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, status as a protected veteran, or any other status protected by any federal, state or local law.