Tuition Cost


Rocky Mountain Prep Conference Tuition Includes:

Tuition for student athletes includes player profile sheet, personal recruiting coach, academic coach, SAT/ACT prep, Coaching, travel expenses, practice field, game field, equipment, uniforms, athletic gear, recruiter game visit (school will be announce), and Athletics trainer for 1 Semester

Initial Payment - Apri 15, 2022
($1,500 Roster Fee)

*Tuition does not include housing and meals*


Student Athletes 18 - 20 (High School Graduate, Non-Grad GED, Injury, Church Mission)

$1,500 ROSTER FEE DUE April 15, 2022
Remaining $3,500 FEE DUE NO LATER THAN JUNE 15, 2022


Local College’s tuition IN STATE OR OUT OF STATE which are separate from the Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs tuition

  • Most students qualify for federal student aid (FAFSA). For all in-state students, FAFSA can cover all of a student’s college coursework tuition and book fees to attend Local College’s. Most local college’s offers on-campus classes as well as online classes which can be paid for using FAFSA.

SAT/ACT Test Fee’s

  • Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs is not responsible for test fees. Rocky Mountain Prep Conference student tuition covers all test prep course training, books & materials needed to prepare each student for the actual test.


How does a student apply for FAFSA?

Applying for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is free and can be completed online ( Each local college has a FAFSA school code which can be located on the school's website:


Rocky Mountain Prep Conference Programs Tuition:

The Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs tuition provides you with professional college test prep course work, program instructors, SAT/ACT study guide material and workbooks, tutors, computer lab and services, as well as life skills and communication prep work training. It is important to note that the Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs tuition is entirely separate from any local college tuition and students CAN NOT pay for the Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs tuition using financial aid (FAFSA).  The Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs tuition is strictly for Rocky Mountain Prep Students and is not related to the school tuition at any local college.


Tuition and Fees

When it comes to providing each student with the best cost-effective tuition, Rocky Mountain Prep Conference programs stands alone. With the cost of regular college becoming more expensive, each year it is very important that we keep our costs down so that our kids can be successful. Believing in your ability to create opportunity, while dedicating yourself to invest in your craft as you put forth the effort towards earning a 4-year college degree and scholarship; will serve as your ultimate testimony saving you thousands of dollars in the end. Life’s biggest investment is what you will do in the beginning that will prepare you for the end result.


Initial Program Cost:

$500 – Student Commitment Fee (Non – Refundable)

$500 – Student Room & Board Fee (Non – Refundable)

(Please note your student commitment fee and room and board deposit is included within your overall program tuition cost. This fee reserves your roster spot and Due by May 31, of the current year)

 Rocky Mountain Prep Conference Programs Prospect Link: (5 Months)


Tuition Cost


Please make checks out to Rocky Mountain Prep Conference and send via mail:

PO BOX 911524 St. George, Utah 84791 United States
Rocky Mountain Prep Conference

PO BOX 911524 St. George, Utah, 84791 United States

(435) 728-0505